Tips for Vending Machine Maintenance

The cost of maintenance for vending machines can be saved significantly if, you have some mechanical aptitude. This, however, doesn’t mean that one needs mechanical skill to excel in a healthy vending machine business. Anyone who does possess such skills should follow some preventive maintenance practices to keep the machines running well, while preventing downtime.

  • Use detergent that is of food-grade, with warm water and soft towel for cleaning the healthy vending snacks machine, twice or thrice a year.
  • Every time the machine is serviced, make sure you wipe down and also sanitize all the visible surfaces of the machine. This prevents buttons from sticking, while making the machine more hygienic. Everyone prefers buying stuff from a clean and hygienic machine.
  • When the machine is being serviced, clean the buildup and dirt in the cash validator, using a disinfectant or a damp towel. This way the validator stays clean and also prevents cash bills from getting stuck in the validator and breaking it.
  • Position or reposition the machine, maintain a minimum distance of 4 inches from the walls in order to increase airflow behind and at the sides of the machines. Overheating due to insufficient overheating leads to wear and tear of parts and breakdown of the machine.
  • Make sure that the machine is at perfect level with the ground. If the machine is shaky then balance it with a piece of plywood or something else. Unbalanced machine may cause breakage.
  • Place the machine in a place where there is no direct sunlight, as that may cause malfunctions.

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